Benny Rodrigues

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Benny Rodrigues is a Dutch Dj/producer, who has made it on the list of most famous and beloved Top Dutch Djs in the Netherlands.

He was born and raised in Rotterdam with a Portuguese background, giving him the ability  to create the art of mixing dance rhythms and catchy beats with infamous Dutch electronic music. At his gigs you will be sure to never see a dead crowd but instead you will witness the pure love and energy emanating from his Deep Tech House music with a touch of Acid and Minimal influences.

Rodrigues can be seen showcasing his musical talents at high-end clubs throughout the Netherlands as well as worldwide A-class clubs and festivals in the likes of Opium Garden Miami, Belgium Superclub, Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival … etc.

Benny Rodrigues is a Dj/producer who knows how to get the crowd alive and dancing. He is a unique artist with an impeccable talent for electronic dance music, so we look forward to the exciting new projects he has in-order for us next.