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A riddle, a mystery and masked by a golden falcon, Claptone is one of the most beloved DJs and producers in the electronic music industry. First beginning in the underground scene and quickly rising to international fame, he is now celebrated by world-wide fans spanning from South Africa to Russia and countries in-between. 

Having performed at international and famous festivals in the likes of Elrow, Hideout and Tomorrowland as well as having released albums such as Charmer, Claptone is known for his dedication to his passion for music and his love for touring. 

He is also known to produce and master his own tracks and in an interview he said “I want my music to feel human”, showing the driving force behind his music making. When it comes to the German producer's approach to music production, he says that he has a strong belief that new developments in technology allow for new areas in music to constantly grow and evolve. A strong characteristic in his music are the vocals which he carefully selects to build the body and soul of the track. An open minded and forward thinking approach to producing, allows for him to experiment with the new, always resulting in ground-breaking sounds. 

We know one thing for sure about the man, and that is that he will never let us down when it comes to creating great music. Will we ever know who the man behind the golden mask is? Probably not, but that will never be a problem since it is Claptone the DJ and producer, whom we have come to know and love.