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Richie Hawtin is one of a kind. Born in the UK but brought up in Canada, he is famously known for his risk taking ability to find new ways of moving forward and revealing new ideas and experiences that would have seemed impossible when the DJ first began his career.

One of his greatest successes is the start up of his Plus8 and MINUS Records which feature internationally famous artists like Speedy J in the early 90s to Gaiser in the 2010s. But! It is Plastikman, the name behind the avant-garde electronic musician which he is most well-known for.

Hawtin has gained praise from big names across the industries. The New York Times called him “one of the electronic dance world's intellectual forces” and the founder of the seminal Mute label, Daniel Miller, named him “a leader” and “a pioneer”. Hawtin’s music does not only appeal to those in the music industry but also to some of those in the fashion industry. Raf Simons the former Creative Director at Dior, calls the DJ “the Kraftwerk of today” and mentioned that he listens “to Richie Hawtin's music like others listen to classical music” creative inspiration when working.

Hawtin’s music career first started up when he became a DJ, setting up Plus8 with a friend of his, John Acquaviva. The realses of the ’Spastik' single and 'Sheet One' album in 1993 took the Techno world by storm.

After Hatwin’s reign in the 90s Techno scene, he moved to New York and gained an interest in the minimal, Techno style. He became the pioneer of a new sound and phase that changed the club world, getting rid of cheesiness and taking dance music back to its percussive roots. The beginning of a new era began when he took residences at Vath’s Cocoon nights in Ibiza.

In 2012, the DJ created the legendary ENTER. A set made up of rooms, each taking the audience on a different journey. His personal favourite being space, the glowing, psychedelic, womb-like Mind Room. From 2012 to 2015, ENTER’s legend continued to grow and evolved into a worldwide show across Amsterdam, Japan, London, Madrid and Mexico. Hawtin wrote and released an album, titled "From My Mind To Yours", to celebrate Plus 8 Records reaching 25 years... Richie Hawtin is not yet done and has many more projects in mind coming up, grabbing any of the possibilities of whatever comes next....

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For the first time in six years Richie Hawtin will be DJing at Berghain as well as playing some sets in Ibiza and Croatia.