Robert Dietz

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Frankfurt-based DJ and producer Robert Dietz - always knew one thing:
"I didn't want to follow the rules, or fit into the system."

Instead of toeing the line, Dietz, now 28, grew up craving rebel music. His fascination with sound began with banging together his mother's pots and pans till she caved and bought him a real drum kit. Soon he was studying piano and guitar, and listening to everything from synth-pop to hardcore hip hop. By age 17 he'd developed a serious vinyl habit, mixing on friends' decks until he scraped together the funds to buy his own.

Dietz was torn between creative impulses and a sense of duty, however, which led him to a stint in event management, then to university to study economics. There he realised the only number that holds his interest is the 4/4 pulse of dance beats. So Robert took a chance, and left his studies to pursue his passion for making music.

You can hear the results of his gamble in the sparkling, ultra-modern house beats of his productions like the charming 'Shunshower' and 'Forward Snipping'. His carefully honed mixing skills have leapt to the forefront as well, with clubs from Spain to Singapore clamouring for his fluid, futuristic take on house music. Dietz modestly pays tribute to 'mentors' such as Markus Fix, Frank Heinrich, Chris Tietjen and Dorian Paic but his sound has a depth and lustre that cannot be taught. Drawing from a broad palette of inspirations that ranges from Method Man to the Miami Vice soundtrack, via jazz and classical music, he continually challenges himself to create evocative variations on electronic themes. Though he jokes his biggest achievement is "earning my money by hanging around at parties," Dietz has a passion for music that money can't buy. His only goal is to spread this love to fans - "caring is sharing!" he quips - and with a packed summer tour schedule and his forthcoming "Home Run" EP on Cadenza Records in the end of june his unique,
soul-filled take on 21st century house music will soon be ringing in your ears.

Aurelia Ortiz, [email protected]