Soho Beach DXB x elrow Dubai


Soho Beach DXB

"YOUR ULTIMATE DAY TO NIGHT DESTINATION - Tuesdays and Fridays from noon.

Soho Beach is a contemporary, chic, day-to-night pool party and lounge area, offering a truly enchanting experience with uninterrupted views of Dubai’s spectacular skyline, and a front row seat to one of its majestic sunsets."

elrow is back to Dubai on March 15th with the show El Bowsque Encantado w/ Eats Everything, Toni Varga, George Privatti, Jixo & Danz, Adam Graca, Mar+Mer, and Jean B!

THE SHOW: Once upon a time, there was an enchanted forest in another dimension where reality turns into fantasy and dreams come true. Many believe that once you enter the forest, the wildest corners of a person’s subconscious are aroused. And those crazy enough to actually enter say that they experience inexplicable attacks of craziness and happiness, out of reach of the average human mind. Get ready to be watched by huge trees, to dance with beautiful creatures and laugh uncontrollably until you turn into some fantastic being. Watch out for the apparitions of dark beasts and demons who live in the shadowlands… the most terrifying part of our forest. Jump into the inexplicably lost time zone, create your own world in the elrow forest, our enchanted realm where the music is simply otherworldly!

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