Many moons ago three chancers returned from a boys' holiday on the White Isle. Unbeknownst to them they precipitated a club land revolution with their newly acquired Balearic tunes and hedonistic attitudes. The rest, as they say, is history. But history can be a little dull: what are the cool kids up to now?

Well, another group of nine-to-five dodging twentysomethings returned from the same Isle a few years ago, drifting in on what would become the zeitgeist: a penchant for all nighters, unhinged techno and boundary bulging parties. Since then, they have rocked disused Ibizan zoos, boats, London terraces, a fully functional garage and, of course, they painted their basement red and threw the sort of parties that dribbling ravers will bang on about in thirty years' time. Until, that is, someone in a Policeman's outfit turned out not to be in fancy dress after all. Bummer.

The 'Loco crew now wrap themselves up all round the country, enveloping liberal and broad-minded clubbers from Manchester to Preston, London to Belfast, in a warm, pulsating blanket of razor-sharp electronic music. Wether it's deep house, tech or minimal grooves, a Ketoloco party takes the atmosphere and family values of a an old school rave and soundtracks it with their infamous undeground sound.