Neversea Festival


Legends tell a story of an enchanted island, lost in the vastness of the Black Sea, a land that many brave ones have tried to discover since the dawn of mankind. A prophecy is bound to this place, voicing that it can only be reached while sailing a Great Ark, a magnificent vessel that only those open-hearted can board. Those will be few, but chosen to fulfil an ancient vision, while the Ark will lead them closer to immortality. As all legends come to a resolve, the story tells that just before a full moon, in the middle of the summer, a party of worthy ones traveled the sea and landed on the enchanted beach, gathering around its sumptuous temple, to perform an ancient ritual. While attempting to reopen a magical gateway, Yana, the eternal guardian of the seas, rose from the moon’s reflection on the water. Said to have been the first being to ever pass through the Neversea gateway, eons ago, Yana is the only one strong enough to help humankind reach its full potential, activate the enchanted portal and achieve immortality. And thus, a beautiful journey to eternity has just begun! Welcome to Neversea!


DanceTelevision recorded in 2017 and 2018 a series of DJ and Live sets at Neversea Festival. Enjoy performances of Culoe de Song, Yokoo, Viken Arman, Marwan, Holmar and El Mundo from the Kaufland hosted stage 'Daydreaming Experience'. 

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