Set For Love

Set For Love Live Streams aims to continue creating the worlds biggest collective DJ livestream.  We are uniting DJs all over the globe, inviting them to stream a set for love to raise funds for our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal. 
This is an URGENT appeal to help our partner charities in developing countries and their communities to survive the drastic effects of lockdown and try to prevent the spread of the virus. Your donations will provide food, clean water and sanitation supplies to the most vulnerable we work with.
In many of the locations we support, people live hand to mouth, day to day. The strict lockdown is disastrous for these people. One day without work can mean no food that day. Even though lockdown restrictions have lifted slightly in some countries the need for your help is still as great as ever in these communities .
Thanks to our trusted relationships at the grassroots level, we can get help quickly and directly to those in most need.  
Your contribution can make a HUGE difference!