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Exposure to objectionable material and/or parties, including without limitation, contaminated files.

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Spoofing, eavesdropping, sniffing, spamming, breaking passwords, harassment, fraud, forgery, "imposturing", electronic trespassing, tampering, hacking, nuking, system contamination including without limitation use of viruses, worms and Trojan horses causing unauthorized, damaging or harmful access and/or retrieval of information and data on your computer and other forms of activity that may even be considered unlawful.

Unauthorized exposure of information and material you listed or sent, on or through the Dancetrippin system to other users, the general public or any other specific entities for which the information and material was not intended by you.

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Privacy and Security Issues in Dance TV

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The information posted by Dancetrippin BV on its Web site may be erroneous, outdated and may not fit the various Dance TV Software versions or to the various functions provided by the Dance TV Software.

Dance TV Services and Information.

Responding to our users' wishes we are continuously adding more functions to our website to allow users to enhance the privacy and security level of their communications with their friends. Please note that the Dance TV website and its privacy and security features, as most Internet applications, are vulnerable to various security issues including without limitation various "exploits" applications that may reduce the functionality of these features to some or full extent, and hence should be considered unsecured.

By using the Dance TV website, you may be subject to the various risks described herein. By accepting our terms and agreements, you'll agree to that Dance TV will take no responsibility in case those damages occur. Dancetrippin takes the upmost precaution to safe you from vulnerabilities - that's how far we can get.