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00:00 Ede
Prelude  (Original Mix)
05:33 Super Flu
Nicotine  (Original Mix)
11:39 Underspreche
Acid Gentle Moves  (Original Mix)
15:29 Motip White
Camouflage  (Original Mix)
21:28 Ron Flatter
Softan  (Original Mix)
27:01 Mia Lunis
Hallo  (Omri Guetta & Omer Tayar Remix)
34:18 Skatman
Orient Maze  (Original Mix)
39:29 speech.less
Cassandra  (Original Mix)
47:01 Kimse, Daeve KHz
The Bronze Race  (Kimse Mix)
51:57 Luigi Tozzi
Satyr  (Original Mix)
56:19 Tom Hades
Stability  (Original Mix)
00:54 Yonatan Daskal
Sonatina  (Red Axes Remix)
05:29 Vini Pistori
Garibaldi  (Original Mix)
11:11 Britta Arnold
Can I  (Original Mix)
18:38 Mila Stern
Would Have Had  (Original Mix)
23:53 Hools, Guzy
Eroica  (Schlepp Geist Remix)
30:09 Xamiga
Kermit's Day Out  (Original Mix)
DJ Set

Mila Stern & VJ Sicovaja
Station Endlos
Harry Klein
Munich (Germany)

96 mins. | Harry Klein | 2021 | Techno,Melodic Tech


Mila Stern has been a constant in the house and techno underground for over twelve years. As a DJ, she has a suitable selection ready for every season in the club or at the festival. From Halle an der Saale via Tel Aviv, Mila Stern landed in Berlin a few years ago. And And there alone she has left her musical mark in almost all the relevant clubs. The fact that she can be experienced in more than just a few spots also has to do with her sound. Mila Stern mixes very complex, but especially likes playful and dark tech-house tracks. Sometimes deeper, sometimes more driving, with a few raucous moments in between - but always in a pleasantly unagitated way.

Over the years, Mila Stern has found her favourite tempo - 123.4 BPM. Also even though she has found a new home in Berlin, the connection to Halle is still strong. Mila Stern is one of the resident DJs of the Station Endlos crew, who will soon open which is planning to open its own club in the city on the Saale in the near future. In December 2019 she was also able to announce good news: her first EP of her own, "Courtyard", on the label Pour La Vie Records. on the Pour La Vie Records label. The two debut tracks seamlessly tie in with Mila Stern's DJ sound - and they might not be the last.

Visuals by VJ Sicovaja.