Live Set

Tulpa Dusha (live) & VisualScumBagz
Marry Klein Festival 2021
Munich (Germany)

44 mins. | Harry Klein | 2021 | Techno,Experimental


Tulpa Dusha are two audio projects created by Anna Martinova. "Tulpa" here are audio stories of night dance oriented psychedelic techno improvisations. Dusha is the music, composed and sung by her. Anna Martinova is a Netherlands-based, Latvian-born electronic music composer. Martinova has been DJing dark progressive and dark psychedelic trance for about 20 years and actively producing music since 2012. She got to know her specific style, the so-called "modular synthesis", when she started performing Tulpa | Dusha live, and switched completely to recording and live performance with her personal system in 2017.