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24:10 Ahmad Jamal
26:48 Giorgio Moroder
I Wanna Rock You  
30:10 Rick James
32:00 Zapp
Dance Floor  
34:45 Thomas Dolby
She Blinded Me With Science  
37:42 Royal House
Can You Party  
39:23 Mayday
42:10 Bobby Konders
Nervous Acid  
43:59 Sector 9
Acid Junkies  
45:32 Laurent Garnier
Acid Eifel  
47:45 Man Made
Space Wreck  
50:16 Infiniti
Game One  
54:49 Millsart
57:32 Mike Shannon

Mike Shannon

60 mins. | | 2021 | House,Tech House,Minimal / Deep Tech,Techno,Breakbeat,Disco


In the interview session we find out more about the guests' lives as well as when they first encountered music and how it has shaped them along the way. Questions about their musical background will be asked and the goal is to find out what motivations drove them to music, whether it was rock, pop, jazz or hip-hop. We talk about the social, political or even economic influences and learn more about the musical development of the guest.

Mike Shannon is a full blooded music nerd, just like one can imagine.
He was into music since he was a kid, started to collect Hip-Hop and Hip-House records in Canada where he grew up. Listening to the radio Mike got to know and love more about Techno and House coming from Detroit and Chicago when he was around 13 years old, he started to collect records and had the opportunities to play around the same time. This left a big impact on him and shaped him into a passionate raver in the 90’s, trying to explore the world of sounds and making music 24 hours.
This effort and passion catapulted Mike to one of the most respected DJ producers and label owners of our time.By starting a label of his own named Cynosure in 1999, the label has grown into a trademark with many outstanding, all time favorites.
Mike has been djing worldwide at the biggest parties and festivals, spreading his knowledge and love for music with the next generations. He really has made made himself an indispensable part of the scene.

In the second part of the show, the guest shares musical compositions that have most influenced and shaped him or her. In addition, the guest tells his own personal story about each piece and takes the audience on a journey through time.

In the listening session Mike Shannon (Cynosure) talks about Ahmad Jamal, Rick James, shares music of Laurent Garnier, The Advent, Jeff Mills, and many more. Watch the full listening show and listening to some new old music.
You can find the PLAYLIST OF THE NIGHT on our website:


Guest: Mike Shannon:
Location: Double Standards:
Label: Cynosure:

Isabelle Beese (Moderator & Executive Producer)
TimeToBeLive (Video Production)
Claude Steiner (Titles)
Ariel Cabrera (Sound Design)
Maxime Diard Laumond (Graphic Design)
Julia Richter (Translator)
Robert Rebelein & Manuela Knobel & Tanja Kreideweis (Assistance)

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