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00:02 Nandu feat. Ena Cosoviz
04:35 Girls Of The Internet
Above  (Fideles Remix)
09:09 EdOne
15:09 Guy J
Catfish  (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
20:28 Bell Towers
Want You (Need You)  (Adam Port Remix)
26:30 Ran Salman
31:38 SKALA
Why Are We Here  
36:56 Marino Canal
Vangelis Dreams  (Baime Remix)
43:03 Losless
48:58 Nico Morano
Flammes ft. Donamaria  (Patrice Baumel Deep Remix)
55:44 Unreleased
DJ Set

Jonas Saalbach b2b SKALA
Ritter Butzke on Tour
Berlin (Germany)

60 mins. | Ritter Butzke | 2021 | Melodic Tech,Tech House


Jonas Saalbach and SKALA's energetic performance with their interpretation of melodic house and techno has enthralled listeners and club-goers around the globe. Here at the Filmpark Babelsberg in Germany for the Ritter Butzke On Tour series. 

Spirited emotion is the protagonist in Jonas Saalbach’s brand of electronic dance music. Deeply uplifting and body-moving, he has released eps and long players with Einmusika, Bedrock and his own imprint Radikon. Hailing from a small town in southern Germany, Jonas moved to Berlin at a young age to pursue the dream of bringing his musical vision to the world stage. A decade later, he has performed at hundreds of locations on five continents, the world-renowned Burning Man and Fusion festivals and a cliff in the Norwegian fjords for a sensational back to back Cercle performance with Einmusik broadcasted to millions of viewers. As a producer, Jonas is exceptionally prolific. His sophisticated, hardware-based style gives unusual and particular sounds a new life, morphing them into timeless dancefloor anthems filled with emotion and percussive energy. In 2018, Jonas co-founded electronic music imprint Radikon as a platform for like-minded artists. Based at his studio in the historic Funkhaus complex in Berlin, Radikon has become a collaborative epicenter with 20 critically acclaimed releases in its first two years alone. Jonas’ energetic live performance and singular brand of melodic house and techno has enthralled listeners and club-goers around the globe. As a producer, DJ, live act and label owner, he will remain a driving force in electronic music for years to come.

SKALA's mission is for people to emotionally open up, so they leave feeling emotionally escalated, or what she likes to call it “eSKALAtion”. The passionate producer from Berlin has been making music since she was a child and combines her background in piano music with her current Melodic Techno productions. Her tracks sound like a perfect symbiosis of heavy bass lines and airy melodies which have been released on well known labels like Katermukke, Stil vor Talent or Tiefdruckgebeat.