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00:45 Jus Kno'
07:16 Jus Kno'
13:54 Jus Kno'
19:59 Jus Kno'
Hole II  
24:34 Jus Kno'
New Normal  
31:18 Jus Kno'
A Place for Us  
37:25 Jus Kno'
43:39 Jus Kno'
Looped Circles  
50:14 Jus Kno'
Time Will Come  
Live Set

Jus Kno
Night Room TV
Pátios Córdoba (Patrimonio Humanidad)

71 mins. | Night Room TV | 2021 | Downtempo


In the surroundings of one of the most recognised Cordovan courtyards, in the heart of the historic San Basilio’s neighbourhood, JUS KNO give a stellar live performance at one of the most iconic places of our Spanish tradition, “Los Patios de Córdoba”, a festival named by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Los Patios are a Cordovan tradition which origins date back to the Muslim era, and where the residents of this ancient city open their doors to celebrate spring with thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The JUS KNO duo formed by the Asturian Alex Aller and Pablo Villanueva, who since 2015 joined their forces to develop a project where music and image coexist under a single identity. They show us in a formidable way all their musical talent, with a concert where they delve into the avant-garde melodic techno, which evolves in a friendly way between escapism and dance. A synergy, without collision, between experimentation, sensitivity and beauty, which represents an exponential leap in its soundland its own musical career.

 As usual, The Night Room TV team brings another great show without precedents in Spain. Live shots, moving cameras, backlights and contrasts, a masterful setting that comes to a climax with an intimate interview in a space that invites introspection.