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00:00 Mirokii
flying stones ignition  
05:55 Mirokii
diving in unknown  
13:06 Mirokii
bird swing  
25:11 Mirokii
mining flowers  
26:33 Mirokii
jungle maze  
34:34 Mirokii
tea with fear entity  
46:31 Mirokii
returning home  
Music Video

Trig Fardust & Mirokii
Organic Machines
Berlin (Germany)

60 mins. | Trig Fardust | 2021 | Ambient


Organic Machines is an ambient music producion by the Slovenian musician Miroki´i.

Berlin based visual artist Trig Fardust has created unique visuals to make the Organic Machines into an audiovisual production.
End of April 2021 they finished this production and wait for a occasion to release it for a wider public. Trig Fardust and Miroki´i publish it now exclusive on Dance Television and hope you enjoy their ambient trip into the world of nature and silicon based lifeforms.
Music by Miroki´i, Visuals by Trig Fardust

All videocontent by Claude Steiner /Trig Fardust
Thanks for additional videofootage by Masha Bout and Ralf Werner
Copyright 2021 by Trig Fardust and Miroki´i