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00:02 Wayne Jones
Epic Battle Speech  
00:45 andhim
Never Let You Go  
05:36 AHJU
Cause I  (Maruwa Remix)
09:29 Andhim
German Spring  
15:25 Hammer
19:17 Know this track? Tell us
24:00 Hayden James, Gorgon City, Nat Dunn
Foolproof  (Andhim Remix)
28:07 Tim Engelhardt
Idiosynkrasia  (Andhim Remix)
32:46 Overmono
So U Kno  
37:21 The Chemical Brothers
Got To Keep On  
42:00 Kino Todo Feat. Soli
Space Sum  (DJ Tennis Remix)
46:27 Andhim
Choose Love  
50:38 Andhim
Good Times  
DJ Set

Ritter Butzke on Tour
Berlin (Germany)

56 mins. | Ritter Butzke | 2021 | House,Melodic Tech,Tech House


Our next excursion with Ritter Butzke is with Andhim at the Alte Försterei Berlin in Germany.

It was spring 2010 when the Cologne natives decided to kick their ass into gear and get out of their studio to bring their beats to the world. Less than 12 months later Andhim were voted in the top-ten German newcomers of Groove and Raveline Magazine and their records were found in the cases and remix-wishes of many unknown and famous DJ’s alike.

Their sound, which they self describe as “Super House” has become its very own genre built from their soul and passion. Andhim’s unique sound, party proven and of reduced nature, is organic with an emphasis in the finer detail.
The boys grassroots flow from Hip-Hop, and they work mainly with samples which makes their tracks one of a kind. This individuality has earned them a home with Labels such as Monaberry, Terminal M, Sunset Handjob or Get Physical.

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