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00:02 Spaniol
Lundu De Santa Maria da Tempestade  
04:40 Pascal Morais & Dany Cohiba
Just As Good  
10:23 Diego Romero
El Playon  
15:30 Band&dos
Spiritual Roots  
21:25 Cioz
Cosmic Noise  
28:48 Know this track? Tell us
34:04 CoronaDj
39:20 Kintar, Medusa Odyssey & Bahramji
Cumbé  (Papua Mix)
46:24 Mike Shawr Feat. Lazaurusman
Story Of Something  
51:12 Savage & SH?
Spirits Of Sian Ka'an  
55:46 Double Drop
Hozza  (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix)
DJ Set

Savage & She
Afro Roof by Ephimera
Tulum (Mexico)

60 mins. | Ephimera | 2021 | Afro House,Deep House


By @Ephimera

Cristiano and Sheena Savage are not just DJ’s, they are an experience. Based in Tulum, Mexico, they are known for their deep, infectious dance grooves and feel-good atmosphere. These two talented composers came together in 2015 to create the musical duo Savage & SH?.   

Using music as their language, they communicate sounds of connectivity, intimacy and melodic pleasure. They have a wide range of tempos that has been polished and refined into what they call their “Sonic Journey”. Refusing to limit genres of inspiration expect to hear influences from all across the globe. With a devotion their craft, they spend most of their time divulging into new music as well as digging through music of the past. 

Sharing a passion for audio Savage & She site record many of the sounds used in their releases. They combine turntables, percussion, vocals and other unique instruments to create an eclectic Savage & She hybrid experience. When they aren’t creating music , they balance their days between breathwork, fitness and meditation in nature. 

Splitting their year between 2 continents; the winters on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico with residencies at Nômade, BE Tulum, Ahau Tulum & BOA Beach Club and summers in Ibiza Performing at Blue Marlin, Destino Ibiza, Bennimussa Park, Sunset Ashram to name a few.

Amazing Sunset vibes with our special guests Savage & She |

Tulum, Quintana Roo, México