Basil Martion

77 mins. | | 2021 | House,Tech House,Minimal / Deep Tech,Techno,Breakbeat,Deep House,Disco,Hip Hop


In the interview session we find out more about the guests' lives as well as when they first encountered music and how it has shaped them along the way. Questions about their musical background will be asked and the goal is to find out what motivations drove them to music, whether it was rock, pop, jazz or hip-hop. We talk about the social, political or even economic influences and learn more about the musical development of the guest. 

Over the past 40 years, Berlin-based loudspeaker manufacturer Basil Martion from Martion Audio has established itself as a sought-after sound reinforcement provider for professional artists and institutions by consistently delivering exceptional loudspeakers. We can easily call him the master of sound who managed to create the ultimate and flawless sound experience for us.

Martion is a sound engineer rather than a businessman. In fact, he is a one-man designer who manufactures his products almost entirely by hand with the help of his workshop. His attention to the smallest details has indeed helped his products to be reliable and efficient and to become truly iconic in clubs, nightclubs, institutions and among the tech elite.

In the second part of the show, the guest shares musical compositions that have most influenced and shaped him or her. In addition, the guest tells his own personal story about each piece and takes the audience on a journey through time.

In the listening session Basil shared music ranging from hip hop, african style, techno and jazz. You can find the PLAYLIST OF THE NIGHT on our website:





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Guest: Basil Martion

Location: studio

Label: Martion Audio

Isabelle Beese (Moderator & Executive Producer) , Melih Akya (Video Production) , Julius Gnoth (Photography),Claude Steiner (Titles) , Ariel Cabrera (Sound Design) , Maxime Diard Laumond (Graphic Design) , Julia Richter (Translator) , Robert Rebelein & Manuela Knobel (Assistants)