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23:06 Centaurus A
The Point of Being  
29:01 Centaurus A
35:00 Centaurus A
Fierro Viejo  
40:47 Thom Jouqua
Oumuamua  (Centaurus A)
46:38 Hacked Reality
Centaurus A, AKASHA MX  
52:19 Kase. O Feat . Najwa
Mitad y Mitad  
Live Set

Centaurus A
Organic Live Act by Ephimera
Tulum (Mexico)

58 mins. | Ephimera | 2021 | Downtempo,Deep House,House


By @Ephimera

Centaurus A is a sonic cosmologist and archeologist. He works the universal language to guide you through a journey across several rhythms, genres, eons and cultures, looking forward to get you into an active meditation state. Each track is intended to take you to some place, suddenly you can be at the dunes of the desert or into a deep jungle or at some unexplored planet or even at a warm beach with a beautiful sunset. He has taken off this journey to Nomade Festival, Artlake Festival and Envision Festival. Label founder of "MS Records" which is the tool to spread the sonic spiritual expressions he founds around the cosmos.


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