DJ Set,Live Set

Borne Aloft
Altitude Attitude Project
Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

67 mins. | Fonoteka Elektrika | 2021 | Techno,Melodic Tech


One classically trained musician and two dance music producers playing banging techno set at the foot of a 10+ meters tall stone monument of a Soviet soldier. We present to you the first video of the Altitude Attitude series featuring BORNE ALOFT - three friends who started their project as an experiment in their studio and then began producing mind-expanding music. This past summer, Victor Iliev, Ivelin Mateev, and Svetoslav Chemishev made their debut EP called Cinar, released through the world-renowned label of Maceo Plex Ellum. For this video, they prepared a one-hour-long hybrid DJ/live set mixing in their original production. 

“The view from the hill during the sunset, the colorful visualizations projected on the monument... The moment was so cool that we continued to play for two more hours after the planned set. We felt elevated, which is actually the meaning of our nickname BORNE ALOFT.”  

The monument, nicknamed Alyosha - to the Soviet soldier who served as its visual prototype - is located on one of the six hills in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. The hill is named Bunardzhik, and it’s the second tallest of them all. 

Petko Tanchev, the visual artist behind the visualizations adds: “The monument to Alyosha is one of the most well-known symbols of Plovdiv. For its visual transformation, I decided to use mainly generative forms that emphasize its textures and, at the same time, restructure them. This way, the model is transformed into a dynamic deconstruction, whose parameters are controlled in real-time by the audio input.”

Plovdiv - the host city of the Altitude Attitude project - is one of the oldest in all of Europe. With a history spanning more than 8000 years, it was home to Thrace, ancient Greeks, Romans and is now at the heart of Bulgaria.

Altitude Attitude is a project by the Bulgarian media for electronic music and club culture Fonoteka Elektrika. For its first edition, we gathered 8 local artists for 6 DJ sets on 6 cultural landmarks. They are all located in one of the oldest cities in Europe - Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The project's culmination consists of six videos representing the modern music selection of the artists set against the millennial history of the surroundings, crossing different historical and cultural periods. 

3D Mapping and visuals: Petko Tanchev
Camera and edit: Velislav Baldev - Lyon Visuals
Animation and visual identity: Max Pirsky

Altitude Attitude is part of the Legacy Programme of “Plovdiv 2019” Foundation. The project was accomplished with the support of Nexo and Hills Brewery. Our partners are the Municipality of Plovdiv and the future European capitals of culture - Novi Sad, Elevsina and Kaunas.