DJ Set

Laylla Dane
Altitude Attitude Project
Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

55 mins. | Fonoteka Elektrika | 2021 | Minimal / Deep Tech,Acid House


For years she has been a part of the Berlin electronic scene, playing at clubs like Club Der Visionäre, Griessmuehle, Hoppetosse, Watergate, Tresor, to name just a few. After the Covid restrictions started loosening up globally, Laylla Dane got on the road again, playing as far as New York and going on the stage of one of Europe's sickest clubs right now - Closer in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

The Bulgarian-born Marta Daneva, the name behind the Laylla Dane moniker, is an artist synonymous with dedication, discipline, and love for the art of DJing. She never lost connection with her native Bulgarian scene, curating one of the leading electronic festivals in the country - Wake Up Stran-Jah. A three-day event held each summer at one of the most bohemian parts of the Black Sea coast - the small bay of Varvara. 

We're proud that Laylla Dane now becomes part of our Altitude Attitude video series with a vinyl/digital dj set. "I'll remember this event for the awesome view, but also all the challenges that faced the whole team and me. For the rain that stopped just before the set started and just in time to catch the sunset. And also for the heavy winds. It's risky playing on vinyl while the wind is blowing, but hey, nothing truly good is ever easy. Although the forces of nature were interfering with my mix, I believe that we got a pretty nice set in the end."

And a nice set it was. It was located on top of the tallest hill in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Its modern-day name is Youth Hill, but during the centuries, it was given several different names linked to the cultures spreading around it. Called the Hill of the Nymphs during the ancient ages and then the Hill of the Genies during the Ottoman empire, it was always linked to nature's spirits.

Plovdiv - the host city of the Altitude Attitude project - is one of the oldest in all of Europe. With a history spanning more than 8000 years, it was home to Thrace, ancient Greeks, Romans and is now at the heart of Bulgaria.

Altitude Attitude is a project by the Bulgarian media for electronic music and club culture Fonoteka Elektrika. For its first edition, we gathered 8 local artists for 6 DJ sets on 6 cultural landmarks. They are all located in one of the oldest cities in Europe - Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The project's culmination consists of six videos representing the modern music selection of the artists set against the millennial history of the surroundings, crossing different historical and cultural periods. 

Camera and edit: Velislav Baldev - Lyon Visuals
Animation and visual identity: Max Pirsky

Altitude Attitude is part of the Legacy Programme of "Plovdiv 2019" Foundation. The project was accomplished with the support of Nexo and Hills Brewery.
Our partners are the Municipality of Plovdiv and the future European capitals of culture - Novi Sad, Elevsina, and Kaunas.