DJ Set

Altitude Attitude Project
Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

60 mins. | Fonoteka Elektrika | 2021 | Disco,House


Born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Samuil Kehayov, aka sayulke, has always been a strong driving force inside the city's underground electronic scene. DJing, throwing events, and co-founding one of the leading local party organizations, Melformator, he has always been dedicated to the creative development of his hometown.

As part of the Bulgarian media for electronic music, Fonoteka Elektrika sayulke is the main engine behind the whole Altitude Attitude project - from artist curation to event organization. His DJ set kickstarted the event series at the symbolic Monument of Bulgarian Unification.

"I've always loved to improvise, and this case wasn't an exception. I knew what track I wanted to start my set with and the one I wanted to finish with but nothing more. And the rest of the tracks, I just felt at the location. That's the way I'm used to, especially when part of my tasks is carrying speakers. That's the life of the DJ slash event promoter."

The monument of the Unification of Bulgaria was built in 1985, honoring the 100 years of the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia - the two entities the Bulgarian nation was divided after its liberation from Ottoman rule. 

Petko Tanchev, the visual artist behind the visualizations, adds: "I developed a parametric animation especially for the visual environment of this DJ set. The content is based on physical simulations, particle motion, and vector fields. The projection was developed to integrate organically and delicately with the forms of the monument, thus creating a kind of synthesis with sayulke's music."

Plovdiv - the host city of the Altitude Attitude project - is one of the oldest in all of Europe. With a history spanning more than 8000 years, it was home to Thrace, ancient Greeks, Romans and is now at the heart of Bulgaria.

Altitude Attitude is a project by the Bulgarian media for electronic music and club culture Fonoteka Elektrika. For its first edition, we gathered 8 local artists for 6 DJ sets on 6 cultural landmarks. They are all located in one of the oldest cities in Europe - Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The project's culmination consists of six videos representing the modern music selection of the artists set against the millennial history of the surroundings, crossing different historical and cultural periods. 

3D Mapping and visuals: Petko Tanchev
Camera and edit: Velislav Baldev - Lyon Visuals
Animation and visual identity: Max Pirsky

Altitude Attitude is part of the Legacy Programme of "Plovdiv 2019" Foundation. The project was accomplished with the support of Nexo and Hills Brewery. Our partners are the Municipality of Plovdiv and the future European capitals of culture - Novi Sad, Elevsina, and Kaunas.

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