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00:00 Gauss
Numerical Coefficients  
05:27 Lazy Fat People
Big City  
09:23 Woody
13:44 Shinedoe
19:55 Luke Hess & Sascha Dive
Polyphonic Minds  (Steve O´Sullivan rmx)
22:43 Marco Shuttle
The Vox Attitude  
28:43 Aril Brikha
Ishtar  (Deep´A & Biri remix)
32:20 Donnacha Costello
Bear Bounce Back  
36:55 Atom TM & Pink Elln
Paris (Part 2)  
44:09 Mathias Kaden
Nova  (Marco Faraone Remix)
49:39 Nylon
The Mouse  
DJ Set,Vinyl Set

Visuals by Trig Fardust

52 mins. | Trig Fardust | 2022 | Minimal / Deep Tech,Techno

The Norway based DJ and Producer Karina Chaczbabian aka Karina joins forces with one of Berlin's most acclaimed visual artists - Claude Steiner aka Trig Fardust for a deep and trippy techno video experience. 
The result? Not only a set of finest underground techno picks that the experienced vinyl only mixologist can offer, but all that combined with absolute stunning and forward thinking multi layered projections on screen, delivered in a slightly vintage convention. 
Karina has lived a decade on the mediterranean island of Ibiza, working as a resident DJ and manager of The Zoo Project, as well as pursuing her musical career and travelling with her black record bag all across the world- from China to the west coast of the US. No stranger to the Middle East, she is alongside Move D and Delano Smith, one of the residents of the prestigious Analog Room in Dubai. Karina is also the Chief of Industry Relations at Dance TV.
Appreciating the fundamentals of raw Chicago and Detroit house music, her trademark style fuses elements of the two smoothly together with the minimalistic, forward thinking deep house that has become synonymous with her sound. Never afraid to stray from her norm and always keen to experiment with something outside of the traditional house/techno paradigm, her vinyl selection is seductive, laid-back and hypnotic while all the time retaining a driving, motivating rhythm.
Creating a visual experience for the last 25 years Trig Fardust has presented his visuals at prestigious music and dance events, clubs, festivals, art events, theater and fashion shows all across Germany, his native Switzerland as well as travelling and exploring many exotic destinations such as Russia. 
Always close to the pulse of the music industry and constantly searching for new challenges in the field of visual culture, he continues to learn new techniques and methods in dealing with moving images and their staging. Collaborations with artist friends and musicians, as well as commissioned works for the most diverse areas of culture, have motivated him again and again to deal with the topics music and video, room installation, Vj-ing and projection mapping. Trig Fardust is unquestionably a dedicated professional in his field.
Enjoy this video, recorded by Karina in Norway and edited, visually mixed and enchanted by Trig Fardust in Berlin.
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