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00:07 Ario
Root of Movement  
05:10 Marzziano
Baby Dancing Like A Freak  
08:55 Rone White, Rowen Clark & Kid Enigma
12:52 Iglesias
17:10 Nightshift
House in Your Heart  
21:54 Andrea Oliva
26:04 Elena End
Don't Wanna Get Down  
30:06 Iglesias
Disco Music  
34:30 Lubelski
Ain't Going Like It Should  
39:52 Kolombo
Gosamper  (Max Chapman Remix)
43:47 Collective Machine
Red Lights  
49:28 Kas James
Life In Purple  (Ki Creighton Remix)
54:12 Weikum
Zanzi  (Collective Machine Remix)
59:25 Hot Since 82 feat. Alex Mills
04:04 Yousef
Riches To Rags  
DJ Set

@Toni Varga
ZOUN Live Villa's Stream
Costa da Morte (Spain)

71 mins. | 2022 | Tech House


Toni Vargas’ most important premise since he first stepped on a stage 15 years ago has been to make the audience enjoy themselves. His love towards music and his attitude and desire to continue evolving and experimenting with electronic rhythms were the principal causes for this Galician born to move to Barcelona, where he definitely found his place and a new home with the ElRow Club family years later. Ibiza has also been one of those cities where Toni has given his best. Clubs like Amnesia, Pacha, Space, La Diosa, or Pin 'Up, know how Toni’s sound can fit perfectly well and deal with the real spirit of the island.

His inseparable style –a warm and elegant tech house sound-, has travelled in Toni’s suitcase since the beginning, bringing his peculiar, genuine and unique sound to festivals such as Creamfields, Monegros, Dreambeach, Neo-Pop, Space Sydney Festival, Culture One, Day One or Winter Music Festival, among others.

The studio is one of his most visited and busiest rooms. With over 40 references on the market, he has released on labels such as Octopus, Moan, Form, Lapsus Music, Amazing, Voltaire Music, Tech Recovery or Time Has Changed. Toni shares the lead -with a few others- of the ‘most admired artists’ ranking of the Spanish scene.

Toni Vargas’ mixing and producing skills really speak for themselves.  Countless appearances in prestigious national electronic magazines such as DJ MAG ES or Vicious Magazine –nominating Toni to various awards and being the Breakout artist in 2011 of DJ MAG ES has made him play at the best Spanish clubs and festivals such as ElRow, Florida 135, Space Ibiza or Monegros Festival.