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00:07 Know this track? Tell us
04:16 Bliss Inc.
09:54 Random Alias
13:47 Random XS
Give Your Body  (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)
17:25 KAS:ST
21:20 ANN? (GR)
Fairy Dust  
24:16 Psycoholic feat. Alfida
29:48 Voiski & Hadone
On The Edge Of Adhesion  
34:16 iO & Kirill Kirik
Red Sun  
39:26 Introversion
43:26 Know this track? Tell us
48:05 The Prodigy
52:19 Regent
55:23 SHDW & Obscure Shape
Innocent Voices  
58:54 Anfisa Letyago
Nisida  (Anfisa Letyago Remix)
DJ Set

@Metodi Hristov
Ephimera Studio
Tulum (Mexico)

64 mins. | Ephimera | 2022 | Techno


By @Ephimera

Bulgarian-based Metodi Hristov has been deeply connected with the music industry for more than a decade, his truly unique style, ranging from raw techno beats to the darker side of tech house keep people at the worldwide dance floors, wishing for more. Not a coincidence for his charisma to be so engaging with fans of electronic music whenever he steps behind the DJ decks. Knowing how to control emotions, through a carefully selected tracks, wether is for an intimate club in Berlin or a major summer festival in South America, Metodi always delivers his very best and that’s a great advantage and undisputed pure talent. A privilege to travel the world and sharing music was written in Metodi’s DNK a long time ago, but only a matter of time was needed for his passion to became a profession, a nowadays lifestyle. Rather than being “labeled” under a specific electronic music genre, Metodi loves to experiment, mix up different music styles, trying new things, unexplored variations which so far, brought results in an unexpec- tedly good combination. Standing behind numerous solo releases at major labels and remixing popular artists, show Metodi‘s dis- tinctive style and his particular focus, always aiming to convert the music to fit his own distinctive style. His productions gain support by various world known artists like Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Marco Carola, Monika Kruse, Joris Voorn, GusGus, Umek, Reinier Zonneveld and others. With the establishment of his own imprint Set About Music in 2016, a new home for his huge library of quality tracks was born. As well as being a highly respected producer he has earned a reputation and his spot for being a formida- ble DJ having played all over the world and with some particularly notable sets. Metodi‘s rise over the last years has been nothing short of phenomenal! We encourage everyone to keep an eye on him, exceptional music is coming out in 2020, same as great appearances in clubs and festivals around you. Follow Metodi’s social/music channels to be instantly updated with the latest and upcoming work, as well to not miss his next adventure, interview, photo or a simple story,...