Music Video,Jam

@Christopher Kah
"ECHO Live"
Roland MC-707 x TR-8S

2 mins. | 2020 | Techno


Christopher Kah is a multidisciplinary electronic music producer and performer from France. He mastered the art of sound design and his performance on stage is always an evolving concept of DJing, synthesizers, drum computers and samplers. In this live performance, Christopher combines the powerful Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX with the Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer that embraces his approach in creating dynamic and evolving Techno performances with a limited hardware setup. 

Visit Roland for information on the gear used in the performance:

MC-707 (on Amazon)

TR-8S (on Amazon)

Track : Nightlife - Christopher Kah (Westeland EP / April 17th 2020) ‘Wasteland’ EP is a project that sees Christopher partner up with Roland to bring a new live set concept with only 2 machines, the brand new Roland MC-707 & Roland TR-8S to give light to his new 45 minute live show. Kah has shot two clips to give an insight into this new live concept, one in a disused factory and the other in a minimalist studio, with the focus of this project being on his live set.