DJ Set

Monty Luke
Live from Anton's Room

60 mins. | 2020 | House,Minimal Tech


Monty Luke delivers a deep and grrovy set from Anton's Room for StayHomeFestival.

Always seeking, always learning, Monty Luke is a musical explorer with a future- forward aesthetic, focused on raw, dub-infused house and techno. His career has seen him take on an eclectic collection of roles which is reflected in his wide ranging discography, remixes and energetic DJ sets. With a stylistic focus on themes relating to futurism, science fiction and dystopia, he also frequently uses his voice as an instrument, to either directly convey emotions through lyrics or indirectly convey ideas by turning those vocals into unrecognizable components within a song’s arrangement.
He is currently based in Berlin, but immediately prior, Monty spent 10 pivotal years in Detroit, a part of “Detroit 3.0,” a movement that saw the city regain its relevance after years of recession. This resurgence included the world of electronic music and also the arts, as Monty also spent two years as Public Programs Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit(MOCAD). It was an unexpected twist to his time in the midwest city and another manner in which he contributed to pushing the region a step forward during the wave-swell of a cultural and economic comeback.
In 2011, Monty launched his own imprint, Black Catalogue, which now stands at nearly thirty-five releases in its discography, including music from artists such as the Carter Bros, King Britt, Stefan Ringer, John Tejada, Thomas Melchior, Dave Aju and many other kings and queens of the underground. Black Catalogue is also a stage for Monty’s own productions, in particular his Mandingo alias which is focused on the fusion of his Caribbean roots and new forms in House and Techno.
With a passion for futurist ideals, Monty’s eyes are always locked ahead—his persistent state of forward-thinking leading him to the discovery of the Mars One Project, which aimed to establish permanent human settlement on Mars. He made the first cut in 2014 and was one of some 600 contestants left in the running before finally being eliminated in early 2015.
Monty’s devout interest in the connection between outer space, music, technology, media and futurism and fuses together the overall product: an audio astronaut who pushes his intergalactic sound. He is adjusting the frequency, staying in tune with an ever-evolving musical landscape.

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