Episode 5
A Day At The Ski Station

2 mins. | Parallells | 2018 | Downtempo, House, Deep House


We proudly present the fifth episode of our video series ""A Day At"" where we play tracks Live using the sounds, the environment and energy of unusual spaces.

This time, we went a bit higher in altitude, into the calming windy mountains of the French Alpes. We put on our winter jackets and snowboards and went dinging for some sounds in between the snowy trees.
Ski sticks, skis slides, ski-tows, gather the instruments onto the snowmobile to then ski lift ourselves and our toys to the top of the mountains and... the rest is history!

It was actually the hardest video to logistically achieve, but the Ski Station Auron crew was a true blessing for us, such a good vibe and helpful people! Plus being surrounded by a such a landscape got us in a complete soothing and calming mode.

Filmed & Edited by Gabriel-Noé Rosticher