Episode 6
A Day At The Organic Supermarket

3 mins. | Parrallells | 2018 | Downtempo, Deep house

Function Loops Function Loops: Melodic Future Bass

By Parrallells

Welcome to this 6th episode of "A Day At" video series where Parallells play Live tracks using the environment and the energy of unusual spaces. In this video, the two brothers went down to an Organic Supermarket (Bioman) in the South of France to promote the importance of buying local and organic. Shaking quinoa, rocking carrots, falling cashew nuts or even the cashier's melodic 'Bip'… The brother duo used the environment and energy of the place to create a 'green' track. Don't panic, it's organic! Filmed & Edited by Gabriel-Noé Rosticher

Filmed & Edited by Gabriel-Noé Rosticher

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