Music Video

AYN ft. Yasmine D.
I Contact
Music Video

8 mins. | 2020 | Techno


This video is the Official Music Video of I Contact - AYN ft. Yasmine D. - the 4th and latest track of AYN's EP "I Contact".

I Contact - AYN ft. Yasmine D. takes listeners on a nostalgic journey of techno beats and sonic dreams, 8 min and 46 seconds of musical freedom - guided by spoken word vocals (ft. AYN and Yasmine D.) and a sonic blend of soulful background vocals led by Yasmine D. (Lebanon). The single marks the end of AYN’s “I Contact” EP and the beginning of the next chapter of AYN’s upcoming EP and track releases.

Produced by Ayman Nahle, a Lebanese Filmmaker, and Visual Artist - the video unveils and deconstructs the beauty of movement, taking audiences on an audio-visual journey to experience the world of “I Contact”.

This video is inspired by mesh geometries, combining linear filming techniques with interactive video generators.