DJ Set

#LaMusicaNosUne II

57 mins. | 2020 | Progressive House,Deep House


DJ PAUL (AR), represented by MJM Producciones, makes in collaboration with Dance Television, the second Worldwide edition of #Lamusicanosune Live Stream. In order to transmit a message of unity all over the world, to affront this crisis, by using the universal law, a world language no matter how many millions we are, the only thing that can cope to any war, disease, socio-political differences, we talk about: MUSIC

 We want to thank all the partners who participated in this Second World Edition of # LaMúsicaNosUne - DJ Paul (AR) & DanceTelevision
(Queremos agradecer a todos los partners que participaron de esta Segunda Edición a nivel Mundil de #LaMúsicaNosUne - @djpaul_ar (IG) & DanceTelevision)


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