Live Set

Away To: Mir Amin with Wass on Earth - by Late Knights & Creative State (Lebanon)

34 mins. | Late Knights | 2020 | House,Electro,Minimal Tech,Downtempo


You are watching "Away To" with Factory People and Creative State. A series of socially distant musical gatherings with cool places and cool people.

For the holiday Halloween special, we reached out to 20 of Lebanon's hottest fashion designers and asked them to inspire a costume from one of six colors: blue, green, red, orange, purple and yellow. The costumes were worn by fabulous dancers and artists during the three sets, combined to give a beautiful dancefloor every single time: blue and green, purple and orange, yellow and red.

Wass on Earth hits us with his signature Electro Tarab blending oriental classics with groovy basslines and melodic synths, accompanied by designs from Emergency Room, Five In Your Eyes, Jean-Louis Sabaji, Jeux De Mains, Maïssa Abi Rizk, Odd by Aya Jallad, and Sarah Saleh.

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