Reflections:#GU43 Rotterdam by @Joris Voorn

7 mins. | 2020 | Techno


The praised electronic music Dutch producer Joris Voorn is featured on a double CD mix for the 43rd release of the Global Underground city mix series.

In this exclusive interview to DanceTelevision, Joris reflects on the raw and creative climate of the city of Rotterdam that inspired himself and #GU43. An evolving city since the times he moved there as a young interior designer graduate. From where he soon kickstarted his international music career.

#GU43 includes over a hundred songs, old and new, all connected to the artist and the city. The selection is perfectly blended and mixed with Ableton to create two seamless mixes that are musically broad but with a definite techno edge for the connoisseurs.

Listen now to GU43 on all major streaming platforms or their physical CD/Vinyl/Collector editions.

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